About Us

HiBalanz Co., Ltd. establised in 2009 with passions and great simple ideas. We will produce high quality products to respond current customer’s demands in supplementary food market in Asia-Pacific (Apac). With this idea, HiBalanz steadily growing with trust in product, price, and services of building great customer relations.

HiBalanz Co., Ltd. focus on accompanying every company’s sector that related to the company including employees, societies, and environment. We also build a public mind in the organization which generates benefits to the society. From these reasons, all of our supplement food categories have active ingredients which guaranteed by quality assurance that they are secure. We deliver our promises to our customers so that they are healthy and live a long life.

HiBalanz Co., Ltd. is a company that has a vision related to the world’s evolution. We are confident in our potential, products research and development, and commitment to the promises we gave. HiBalanz are looking forward with a bright future and focus on building our brand to generate beliefs and trusts in our customers. As we believe that the power of customers also the power of balance of HiBalanz.



The Power of Balanz


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